About the Department

  • About the Department
  • For the welfare of backward classes, Backward Class Department has been established in 1995. At present, under this department, Backward Classes Welfare Directorate, Uttar Pradesh Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation and State Backward Classes Commission are established.
    Assuming secularism and democratic system as basis, all the citizens of India have been given the right of equality, marginalized and other backward classes of the society have also been given various provisions in Section 14, 15, 16, 335, 338, 339, 340 and 342 to uplift these categories in social, economic and educational terms. To satisfy these objectives, Uttar Pradesh Government is implementing various schemes for welfare of backward classes. Till 95-96, all such programs were being run by Social Welfare Department. Total population of Uttar Pradesh is constituted from 54% of backward classes (as per Social Justice Committee) and since long the need of an independent department was being felt for development and welfare of such a big population. So, in 1995-96, Backward Classes Welfare Department was independently establish vide Govt of Uttar Pradesh notification GO No. 4056/20-E-1-95-539(2)/95 dated 12th August, 1995.
    At present, under this department, Backward Classes Welfare Directorate, Uttar Pradesh Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation Limited and State Backward Classes Commission are being operated.
    State Backward Classes Commission was constituted vide GO No. 22/16/92-Personnel dated 09th March, 1993, which is functional for ensuring the permissible reservation for backward classes in the Government services and inclusion of expected castes in the list of backward classes as well as exclusion too with its recommendation. At present 79 castes are notified as backward classes which are reflected on Appendix – 1. UP-state-1973 | Size: 28.2 KB | Language:  Hindi | Upload Date : 06/03/2019
    Uttar Pradesh Backward Finance and Development Corporation was constituted vide GO No. 3459/26-3-89-9(51) 89, dated 20th September, 1989 which is working for economic development of marginalized people of backward classes by providing bank loans to them under various projects.
    Education has top most roles in the lifting of backward classes.  Lack of education is only the reason for backwardness of any social class. After a long duration of independence of the country, desired reforms in the educational status of other backward classes are still far.    Various efforts have been made to make reforms in educational level.  At present, for development of backward classes Pre-Matric scholarships, Post-Matric Scholarship and construction of Hostels alongwith fee reimbursement for post matric classes and schemes for providing grants to NGOs from Govt of India to provide computer training to unemployed youths are being operated under educational programs.

    Schemes under operation

    Vigilance Cell

    To get the Caste certificate for permissiveness of reservation, applicant needs to apply to the D.M./A.D.M. or City Magistrate or Tehsildar  in the area where she/he lives or born by self if an adult or by his guardians in case applicant is minor.  Alongwith this application, an affidavit duty attested by a gazetted officer showing the caste, sub caste, community, part of scheduled caste or scheduled tribe and domicile of the applicant will be presented which will subsequently be ordained by the Director, Backward Classes Welfare, Uttar Pradesh.    For verification of the caste certificates, a vigilance cell has been formed under the direction of Addl. Superintendent of Police in the backward classes Directorate.  This cell carries out investigations of caste certificate on receipt of complaints.

    Computerization of Scholarship Scheme

    To computerize the schemes being operated by backward classed welfare department and to ensure direct deposition of scholarship amount to the eligible individual various steps have been taken.  To put a check on ambiguities, scholarships from class-1 to class-8 in the accounts of Gram Nidhi-3 (presently the scheme is postponed)  and scholarships for students of class 9 and above of backward classes is deposited directly in their accounts.   Scholarship/Fee reimbursement is distributed through P.F.M.S. portal on applying online according to the pre-decided time table, provisions of manual and upto availability of budget.  For this purpose, every district is equipped with 2 computers and 2 computer operators (from outsourcing) and to activate District Backward Class Officers and Zonal Deputy Directors and to speed-up the effective compliance of the scheme, Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 30,000.00/- per month have been arranged against travelling expenses.

    Grants to volunteer organizations

    Schemes to provide training to the people of other backward classes in various trades are being operated by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment through volunteer organizations.  Under the schemes, online proposals are invited from the volunteer organizations for the trades Carpentry, Computer Center, Craft Center, Dari making, Diesel Pump repair, Electrician, Fruit Preservation, Gem Cutting, Motor Winding, Fitter, Photography, Plumbing, Printing, Composing and Book Binding, Scooter/Motor Cycle/Auto Rickshaw repairing, Spinning and Weaving, Typing and Shorthand, Leather Art, Spray Painting and denting, Welding and Fitter, TV/VCR/radio repair etc.   Concerned District Backward Class Welfare Officers physically inspect the volunteer organization within stipulated time limit and forward these proposals with their recommendations to Directorate routed through D.M.  After investigations at Directorate, these proposals are further submitted to the U.P. Government.  U.P.government sends these proposals to Government of India. In turn, Govt of India approves and releases the scheme amount direct to the concerned organization.